Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Frances works in "Child Life" at the hospital. One of her jobs is to mentally prepare all the patients for surgery. She explains the procedures "step by step" so that they will not be so frightened by all the unfamiliar tubes and equipment.

The hospital works extremely hard to make every child's stay as comfortable as possible. Fear can be tremendously reduced when a person knows what to expect. Frances is absolutely perfect for the job! Her sweet and gentle demeanor gives the children feelings of peace and trust.

Another of her jobs is to plan all sorts of activities for the children while they are going through recovery. She schedules various games, crafts, and parties to keep the children from becoming bored.

Frances is also one of the precious people who stood by Misha during his first Wound Vac change. Her compassion and love for these children is heart-warming.

No wonder Misha has grown to love her so much!

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